Seventh-Day Adventist Church: Mwami Mission Station – Mwami Hospital

Mwami Mission Station

Mwami Hospital

In 1927, Dr E G Marcus established a rudimentary hospital at Mwami Mission Station. When Dr Marcus arrived, there was no infrastructure and many of the native Zambians wanted little to do with mission considering it ‘white man’s magic’. Attitudes changed when a small boy who was severely burnt was brought to the hospital and recovered. After this, attitudes towards the hospital started to change.

Initially, the hospital included a special treatment centre for those suffering from leprosy. After the first three patients arrived, another fifty arrived nearly 3 month later. Services included removing teeth and within six months of operation, Dr Marcus removed the first cataract.

Money was provided by The British Empire Leprosy Relief Association to erect buildings and huts, with some money also being used to equip the dispensary and ward. Mrs Jewell acted as a nurse.

The hospital continues today.