Seventh-Day Adventist Church: Malamulo Mission

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Malamulo Mission

Malamulo Mission originally started as Plainfield Mission in 1899. Located 40 miles South of Blantyre in Makwasa, Southern Thyolo District of Malawi (formerly Nyasaland), Malamulo has served as an important base from which SDA missionary efforts have expanded to other parts of Malawi and surrounding countries.

Administration of Plainfield Mission and school passed to Joel C. Rodgers in 1907 and the mission changed its name in to “Malamulo” from the Chichewa word for “laws” or “the commandments.” Thomas Branch, who was fundamental in establishing the workings of Plainfield Mission, returned to the United States in 1908 due to his wife’s ill health. By 1910, the farm had expanded to 2000 acres with a heard of cattle.  There were 12 “out-schools” with a total enrollment of over 400 students. A teacher-training course was introduced in 1925.

In 1947-48, secondary education and a 2-year ministerial training program were begun.  As a consequence of these developments, the school became known as the Malamulo Training Institute, later Malamulo College.  The training and ministerial schools were closed in 1972 for lack of funds.  The school’s name was changed to “Malamulo Secondary School” in 1991.

Malamulo Press was established in 1926 by printing tracts and other materials on a small hand press.  In the 1930’s the press moved to a larger building and operations were expanded to include commercial printing.  The name changed in 1965 to Malamulo Publishing house.

The other, and perhaps most significant, contribution of Malamulo has been the development of the Malamulo Hospital, which began as a clinic in 1915.


  • Mark Loomis