Seventh Day Adventist Church: Inyazura Mission

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Inyazura Mission


In 1921, the Zambesi Union Mission recommended to the African Division that missions should be limited to 2,000 acres and during the period of 1921-1924 the Tsungwesi Mission (now known as Inyazura Mission) was touted to be sold but was eventually retained.

However, even though the farm was profitable, it continued to face issues of reduction. During World War II, 3,000 acres of the farm was sold to raise funds for the building of a dormitory. In the 1950’s a further 1,000 acres was sold to fund the building of the new European church in Southern Rhodesia.

Even though the mission dramatically decreased in size, in the post-war years it became a training school for industrial arts with nearly 300 students and became one of the largest in the in the Zambesi Mission Union. In 1967, the Secondary School was established.

After 1980, the mission became known as the Nyazura Mission.


  • Mark Loomis
  • James Gavin