No. 256 September 2015



Vol. 65 No.3  September 2015/No.256



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Reports of Meetings and Exhibitions:

  • South West England (17/5/2015)
  • Denver, Colorado (15-17/5/2015)
  • Melbourne (6/6/2015)
  • London (27/6/2015)
  • Cape Town (20/6/2015)
  • Harare (30/5/2015)
  • Johannesburg (23/5/2015)
  • London 2015 Europhilex (13-16/5/2015)

Mining Documents of the British South Africa Company – Christopher Cooksey

Rhodesia Arms Issues 1890-1909 – Colin Hoffman

Some Northern Rhodesia covers seen at York (and some others) – Alan Drysdall

The Zimbabwe 2008 Rats and Mice Issue (the artwork) – Rod Kantor

The commissioning of the Ilala and the launching on Lake Nyassa – Alan Drysdall

Ships of Malawi – Stuart Ross

Runners and Steam Coaches in Nyasaland – Peter Wingent

Australia Post UPU Collection Exhibit: Southern Rhodesia and Northern RhodesiaRichard Breckon

The ½d Rhodesia Admiral – Stephen Reah-Johnson

The Half-penny ‘Double Dot’ Flaw: I – The ‘States of the Plate’ – Julian Schamroth and Bob Looker

The Half-penny ‘Double Dot’ Flaw II – its origin, trajectory and demise – Bob Looker

Discerning forgeries in the high values of the 1895 British Central Africa issue – Peter Cross

The Exhibit: A poem – Anna Hill

The fiscal use of Double Heads – Gunnar Strehmel

Postcard Forum: Geo. C Brown – Andrew Wilkie