Samuel Clover Turner

Samuel Clover Turner


Samuel Clover Turner was one of the early pioneer photographers in Rhodesia, having arrived in Bulawayo in 1897. Very little is known of his early life other than he was from Lancashire, England and was born about 1866.

By profession, he was a picture framer which, we can only assume, led to his interest in photography. In any event, he had with him a camera on his arrival in Bulawayo and set up in business as a photographer.

For the next forty four years he earned his living as a photographer and making / repairing picture frames – never once taking a holiday. On 9 July 1941, Turner died at his rented residence (a shop at 72 Abercorn Street, Bulawayo) at the age of 75 years. As he never married, the residue of his estate passed to his sister in England.

It is not known for certain if Turner published his own picture postcards but photographic images used on two types of anonymously published postcards (circa 1905) can be, in part, attributed to him. However, it is known that he supplied photographs to Percy Clark at Victoria Falls who published a series of postcards using those images. It would also appear that Turner supplied his photographs to other postcard publishers both in Rhodesia and South Africa but those can only be identified for certain from those cards which show Turner’s imprint.


Other Publishers


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