Sallo Epstein & Co.

Sallo Epstein & Co



In October 1892, a Dutchman named Mozes Booleman emigrated to South Africa. On the voyage he met Sallo Epstein and, through their mutual interest in philately, became friends.

In 1893 Booleman set up a business dealing in fancy goods and stamps. By 1896 he was only selling stamps in Johannesburg from a location called Philately House under the name Booleman & Co. During late 1896 the firm went into liquidation. Booleman returned to the Netherlands and set up a successful stamp auction.

Around 1902, Epstein took over the business at Philately House in Johannesburg. During the Boer War, he expanded the business to a branch in Durban trading as Sallo Epstein & Co. The business became the largest publisher of view-cards and types of South Africa and Transvaal, producing over 2,000 postcards in black & white collotype, some with hand coloring.

While many of his cards captured everyday scenes, a small number of cards depicted animals, remembrances of the Boer War, and the funeral of President Paul Kruger in 1904.

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