RSCfix Campaigns

RSCfix Campaigns




Help us fix digitised newspaper articles!

Old newspapers contain extraordinary insights into the history of Central Africa. The National Library of Australia digitises and makes available thousands of newspaper articles each year on Trove, the National Library of Australia’s digital resource hub.

The digitisation process generates ‘Electronically Translated Text’ for each article, making every word searchable. Some automated text translations contain errors, however, and crucial details can’t be found by searching. Fixing these translation errors provides access to key information that may otherwise be almost impossible to find.

How to be a part of the RSCfix community

Like many other organisations, we’re running regular correction campaigns to fix articles on different aspects of Rhodesian history – and we’d like you to get involved!

It’s easy to do! Just choose a campaign and start!

Whether you correct a line, a paragraph or an entire article, your contribution will bring to light the fascinating stories that make up Central Africa’s rich history for everyone.

Simple Instructions

You don’t need to register as a Trove user to make corrections, but it can be helpful if you do. If you don’t register, your username won’t appear on the fixed articles as the last person who updated it (no fame or glory!). Also, you won’t be able to remove any tags – this can be useful if you make a typing mistake and need to redo the tag.

Getting Started

To get started, simply select a Campaign, then an article from the list below.

How to Correct

There are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Don’t correct names into modern day equivalents. eg. Don’t change Buluwayo to Bulawayo.
  • If there is a word or name separated by a hyphen, try and join them together so they are easy for a researcher to find. eg. Change Carring-ton to Carrington.
  • The text doesn’t need to completely mirror the original article, so bold, italics etc are not required.

More information can be found through Trove’s How To Guide.

Tag it as done!

When an entire article is fixed, add the tag ‘RSCfix-done’ to the article by clicking on the ‘Add Tags’ label.  Make this a Public (not Private) tag.

This tells us the article has been fixed, and we can update our campaigns to show the progress of the articles corrected.