RSCfix Campaigns: No.1 – 1905 Rhodesia

RSCfix Campaigns

No.1 – 1905 Victoria Falls


  1. Victoria Falls. Power for the Rand Mines
  2. Record Engineering Feat.
  3. Cape to Cairo. How the Great Link of Africa is Progressing
  4. Cape to Cairo Progress.
  5. A Zambesi Regatta.
  6. Barotse Boundary. King of Italy’s Award.
  7. A Visit To Rhodesia. King Solomon’s Mines.
  8. Great African Railway.
  9. Zambesi Gorge Bridge.
  10. Barotse Frontier. Emanuel’s Award.
  11. Steam Engine Civilisation. How the Advance of the Railway is Opening Up Central Africa.
  12. Electrical Energy in Rhodesia
  13. Victoria Falls Bridge Opened.
  14. Ancient Ruins in Rhodesia.
  15. Victoria Falls. Railway Bridge Opened.
  16. Victoria Falls’ Zambese River, South Africa.
  17. Utilising the Victoria Falls.
  18. A New Gladiolus
  19. Social
  20. Victoria Falls Stamps

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