Roman Catholic Church: Vicariate Apostolic (Bulawayo)

Roman Catholic Church

Vicariate Apostolic (Bulawayo)

On 13 April 1937, the Prefecture Apostolic, Bulawayo became a Vicariate Apostolic.

The first Vicar Apostolic was Ignatius Arnoz (1 April 1885 – 26 February 1950) who was a Czech prelate. In 1931, Arnoz was appointed Senior of the then Mission Sui Iuris of Bulawayo, rose to Prefect and Vicar Apostolic as the mission was elevated. He was ordained bishop in 1937.

Arnoz was replaced by Adolph Gregory Schmitt (20 April 1905 – 5 December 1976), a German Prelate. On 23 December 1950, Schmitt was appointed Vicar Apostolic and ordained on 2 April 1951.

In 1953, Hwange District and that part of Shangani District situated between Kana and the Shangani River was cut off from the Bulawayo Vicariate to form the Wankie Prefecture.

On 1 January 1955, the Vicariate Apostolic of Bulawayo was given the status of a Diocese.