Roman Catholic Church: St Patrick’s Mission

Roman Catholic Church

St Patrick’s Mission

St. Patrick’s Mission (St. Patrick’s parish) is located in Mzilikazi, a suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (part of Makokoba “Constituency”/Township).  Mzilikazi is named after the founder of the Ndebele nation, King Mzilikazi.  Prior to independence, Makokoba (Makhokhoba) was a segregated township of Bulawayo.  The development of trade unionism began in Makokoba in 1928.  In 1945, an important strike by railway workers started there.

St. Patrick’s was established by the Jesuits as of 1902.  From their base in St. Patrick’s, the Jesuits attempted to establish an early mission at Pandametenga, on the boarder of present day Botswana.  In 1930, reorganization resulted in the Jesuits swapping responsibility for Matabeleland (including Bulawayo and St. Patrick’s) with the Trappists (now Mariannhill Missionaries) in Mashonaland.

Today, St. Patrick’s is part of the Archdiocese of Bulawayo and home of St. Patrick’s Primary School.  Mail is posted through Bulawayo.


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