Roman Catholic Church: St Anthony’s Mission (ZA)

Roman Catholic Church

St. Anthony’s Mission (Zambia)

St Anthony’s Catholic mission was originally run by Italians, who laid a water system throughout the village, fed by two large water tanks, planted a vineyard, planted trees for lumber, and ran a rather well equipped mission hospital. They had, at one time, a landing strip, hydroelectric power and an x-ray machine. The government took this over at some point and appropriated most of the equipment for use elsewhere. The Italians, according to locals, ripped up the vineyards and much of the pipes for the water system before they left.

The mission is currently run by a Zambian priest and several sisters. They are heavily cooperative with the hospital, which has been resupplied to a lesser degree, and serves as a main clinic for the area. They provide weekly health services to various outreach stations including child health (weighing, vaccinating, deworming), giving health talks, handing out condoms and other things.

St Anthony’s is also one of several purchasing points after the harvest, where maize is purchased from the village farmers for cash and piled for transport to processing centres. The school is rather large for a rural school and has been involved in international penpal programmes, as well as a carpentry program aided by the US Peace Corps and the International and Luanshya Rotary Club.

St Anthony’s has a small market on most days, where vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage and onions) can be bought. The mission runs a store with some other amenities, but this is not open all the time.


  • St Anthony’s Mission Poultry
  • St Anthony’s Mission School
  • Mpongwe Mission Hospital