Roman Catholic Church: Gokomere Mission

Roman Catholic Church

Gokomere Mission

The mission was initially opened at Mzondo was re-established in 1909 by Fr. Apel who traveled from Driefontein Mission. A new location was chosen a few miles from the original site at the foot of Gokomere Kopje, and the name changed from Mzondo Mission to Gokomere Mission.

An oblong residence of mud bricks was built to serve as community house and soon afterwards a school was opened. A large school-chapel building capable of holding 400 people was opened on Easter Sunday, 1912.  Outstations were opened at Nyengwa, Matova and Inyoni. Fr. Bert became Superior of Gokomere in 1913.

The Swiss Bethlehem Fathers (SMB) assumed responsibility for the mission beginning in 1938.

A Lay Training Centre to provide on-going training for community leaders in the Gwelo (Gweru) Diocese was opened at the mission in 1972. Gokomere is currently the site of Gokomere High School (formerly Gokomere Central School), a boarding school that is part of the Catholic Diocese of Masvingo.


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