Roman Catholic Church: Brunapeg Mission

Roman Catholic Church

Brunapeg Mission

The Roman Catholic Church established Brunapeg Mission in 1954.  The mission is located in rural Zimbabwe near the Botswana border, in Mangwe District, Matabeleland South Province, approximately 70 miles south of Plumtree.

Brunapeg is site of St. Anne’s (Brunapeg) Mission Hospital.  The hospital includes a nursing school – St Anne’s Brunapeg School of Nursing.  In 2007, the Canadian International Development Agency supported expansion of the school, which graduated 95 nurses between 2014-2017.

Capuchin fathers from the Province of Amala Annai (Immaculate Conception), Tamil Nadu, India were responsible for the mission and its outstations, such as Mayobodo’s Our Lady of Loreto parish, beginning 1989.  Capuchin friars are a reform offshoot of the Franciscans begun in the 16th century seeking a return to the original emphasis on prayer and poverty.  The Capuchins handed the mission back to the archdiocese of Bulawayo in 2005.

Brunapeg is currently part of St. Anne’s Parish, Archdioceses of Bulawayo.  As of 2017, it was under the direction of diocesan priest Fr. Ndlovu.


  • Mark Loomis