Roman Catholic Church: Apostolic Vicariate of Shire

Roman Catholic Church

Apostolic Vicariate of Shire


The Vicariate Apostolic of Shiré was an Apostolic vicariate located in Nyasaland Protectorate, Africa.

On 15 April 1908, Pope Pius X erected the prefecture into a vicariate Apostolic with Mgr Auguste Prezeau (1871-1909) of the Missionaries of the Company of Mary (Montfort Missionaries) as the first vicar.

On 4 May 1910, Mgr Louis Joseph Marie Auneau (1876-1959) received from Rome the notification of his elevation to the dignity of Apostolic vicariate. Mgr Auneau was consecrated at Chilubula, Northern Rhodesia, by Mgr Dupont of the Society of Missionaries of Africa (Missionari d’ Africa /White Fathers), 1 November 1910.

On 15 May 1952, the Apostolic Vicariate of Shiré was renamed as the Apostolic Vicariate of Blantyre. In 1959 it was promoted as the Archdiocese of Blantyre.