Rhodesian Study Circle: Memoir 7 – The KG VI Postage and Revenue Stamps of Northern Rhodesia

Rhodesian Study Circle

The KG VI Postage and Revenue Stamps of Northern Rhodesia

At the time the Rhodesian Study Circle was founded in 1948, King George VI was on the throne and the stamps described in this memoir were the current definitive issue in Northern Rhodesia. Wilf Nodder, the founding father of the Study Circle and the first Hon. Editor of what was originally the Bulletin, provided a running commentary on the various post-World War II changes of colour, etc., as they happened. Northern Rhodesia, with definitive stamps based on a design unique to the Colony, was then popular with collectors.

Subsequent contributors in the 1950s, and in particular Rex Pearce, then resident in Kitwe, continued the commentary on events. However, from the late 1950s, interest in the KG VI stamps of Northern Rhodesia began to decline, as indeed did interest in King George VI issues in general, as many collectors switched their interest to the QE II issues or, disillusioned with the proliferation of new issues, began to collect in accordance with a new ‘fashion’, namely postal history.

In recent years there has been an upsurge in interest in the KG VI issues of the Commonwealth as a whole. In order to overcome shortages of paper, ink and spare parts for machinery, not to mention the devastating effects of being bombed, the various printers had to make use of what was available, providing a challenging field for study, particularly as the records dating from the war years are incomplete. It is certainly timely to publish an updated account of Northern Rhodesia’s KG VI definitives that incorporates the results of continuing research undertaken by a few dedicated aficionados. Those results will surprise and perhaps inspire you.

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  • Memoir: 7
  • Author: Alan Drysdall, Ian Lane, and Jean Cheston
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