Rhodesian Study Circle: Memoir 13 – The Postal History of North-Eastern Rhodesia

Rhodesian Study Circle

Memoir 13 – The Postal History of North-Eastern Rhodesia

In Memoir 13, too, we find a gathering of stars; in this case some of the finest known early postal history from North-Eastern Rhodesia.

This Memoir is, however, much more than a collection of extraordinary items of postal history. Drawing from the collections of a number of members of the RSC, the items of postal history provide a skeleton upon which the authors construct a remarkable examination of early postal routes, post offices, postal rates and postal stationery. And there is so much more.

Chapters on cross-border mail (with the Belgian Congo, German East Africa and Portuguese East Africa) and the cross-Africa expedition of Lt Paul Graetz, also provide a veritable feast for the reader. Many philatelic publications can be somewhat dry and appeal to a few; this is not the case with this Memoir.

Using images and words drawn from primary sources, along with the superb illustrations of the postal history, Alan Drysdall and Anita McCullough have produced something that will appeal to the specialist and many others. The index is substantial, maps abound and it will provide, for many years to come, an important resource to those who collect and research in the area.

For over twenty years the catalogues of R.M. Gibbs’ auctions of his Double Head and Admiral collections have been essential to those who are seriously interested in collecting in that area. So, too, will this publication be to the postal historian interested in early Northern Rhodesia.


  • Memoir: 13
  • Author: Alan Drysdall and Anita McCullough
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