Rhodesian Study Circle Exchange Packet

The Exchange Packet has some 60 members at present and this is divided into two circulations. Members of the Exchange Packet must reside in the UK and have a telephone number and email address.

The Exchange Packet is a way that members can acquire material that they might find difficult to acquire at stamp fairs etc for around 1/3 cat price. Some material is not catalogued and may be priced as the vendor sees fit.

Members/non members who wish to dispose of all sorts of material and put them in view of those members who would like to purchase – similar to approvals but with a circulation attached.

Packets are valued at up to £3500.00 and contain up to 12 booklets. Members post to the next in line using First Class post and obtain a proof of postage.

Contents of each packet is as varied as possible so that there will something in it for most people, and the following material can be found in any packet:

  • Mint/used stamps/blocks
  • Sets or singles
  • Postmarks either on piece or just on the stamp.
  • Covers and Postal History
  • Specimens, flaws, revenues, fiscal use
  • Postcards
  • Cinderellas
  • Booklets


The contents of each packet is as varied as possible so that there will something in it for most people.

Countries covered are:

  • BSAC
  • BCA
  • N Rhodesia
  • S Rhodesia
  • Rhodesia
  • Nyasaland
  • Federation
  • Malawi
  • Zambia
  • Rhodesia (UDI)
  • Zimbabwe

Members have the certainty that they will be in the first ten recipients every third packet.

If you are a member of the Rhodesian Study Circle and wish to be added to the Exchange Packet circulation list, please contact Jeremy Jackman by emailing rscpacket@gmail.com and I can send you an application form and a copy of the rules of the Exchange Packet.