Rhodesian Study Circle: 2021 Annual Conference

Rhodesian Study Circle 2021 Annual Conference and AGM

Due to the ongoing restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been decided to hold a Virtual Conference in 2021. The success of our many virtual meetings in 2020 has provided us with the encouragement to plan and deliver such a venture. The programme will be designed to flow across various time zones to allow as wide a participation as possible from our membership spread across the world.  This draft programme has been placed on the RSC website (below) and will be constantly updated.

  • The Conference is open to all and we hope that as many members as possible will be able to join some or all of the sessions.
  • Running concurrently with the Conference will be our Livermore and Postcard Exhibit competitions along with a Single Sheet Competition. These, as in 2020, will be Virtual competitions and all entries will be up on the website prior to the start of the Conference. The results will be announced at the Conference.
  • At the start of the Conference we will hold our annual AGM. Reports will be available beforehand.

Please Contact Us to register your interest.


RSC Virtual AGM & Conference Draft Programme


 Friday 23 April (Moderator: Sean Burke)

8.00-11.45pm London

9.00pm-12.45am (Cape Town/Paris/Harare)

12.00-3.45pm San Francisco (22 April)

3.00pm-6.45pm New York (22 April)

5.00-8.45am Melbourne (23 April)


8.00 – 8.45pm (London)

Welcome and address by the Chair (Patrick Flanagan {South Africa})

RSC 2021 AGM

  • Acceptances of 2020 Reports (Previously circulated)
  • Acceptance of 2020 Accounts (Previously circulated)
  • Office Bearers for 2021
  • Subscriptions for 2021/2022

Announcement of Awards

  • C. Dann Trophy (for the best publication in the previous two years)
  • Alan Drysdall Award (for the best article in the Journal over previous two years)
  • The Simpson Salver (for services to RSC)
  • The Plato Mavros Trophy (for services to Rhodesia and Nyasaland philately)
  • The Editor’s Prizes

Announcement of new Fellows of the RSC


The Journey of a Pioneer. (Dirk Kind {UK}) A presentation based upon two large photo albums in his possession from his great-great-uncle, William Harvey Brown, who became a Pioneer and wrote On the South African Frontier.


Three new Rhodesia-related publications in 2021:

  • The Stamps of the British South Africa Company by Brian Trotter, Colin Hoffman and Patrick Flanagan – a RPSL publication (Brian Trotter {UK})
  • The British South Africa Company King George V Admiral Stamps 1913-1924 by David Spivack and Stephen Reah-Johnson – a RPSL publication  (David Spivack {USA})
  • Memoir 30: The postal history of the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland 1884-1924: the people, the place and the time by Sean Burke, Paul Peggie and Patrick Flanagan (Sean Burke {Australia})


Buying and selling at auction at a time of lockdown (Ian Shapiro {UK} from Spink)


Independence Forgeries: a mystery solved (Dave Trathen {UK})



Saturday 24 April

(Moderators Brian Trotter/Adrian de Bourbon)

9.30am-1.00pm & 8.00-11.00pm (London)

10.30am-2.00pm & 9.00pm-12.00am (Cape Town/Paris/Harare)

1.30-5.00am & 12.00noon-3.00pm (San Francisco)

4.30-8.00am & 3.00-6.00pm (New York)

6.30-10.00pm & 5.00-8.00am (Melbourne)


9.30am (London)

Early Rhodesian airmails (Keith Harrop {UK})


The BCA Provincials of 1898 (Mark Ladd {UK} and Brian Coop {UK})


Topic TBC (Huw Williams {UK}, Adam Goulding {Australia})


Topic TBC (Colin Hoffman {UK})


Topic TBC (Anita McCullough {UK}, Rob Burrett {Zimbabwe}, Adam Goulding {Australia}}


Malawi; keeping up with the neighbours (Stuart Ross {UK})


Questions & Answers



  • Large format Revenue Stamps of the BSAC (Adrian de Bourbon {UK}), 
  • Inspections Certificates (Christopher Cooksey {UK})


 The Nyasaland 1934 Leopard issue (SG 114-122)(Colin Fraser {USA})


From the Limpopo to the Zambezi: History, Politics and Ideology in 101 Stamps and Covers. (Nahendra Morar {UK}) This presentation will showcase excerpts of a much larger piece of work that he is undertaking on the history and politics of Zimbabwe, from earliest times to the present, as refracted through the prism of its stamps and postal history. 


Southern Rhodesia Postal Stationery – archival material, the issued material and usage (Patrick Flanagan {South Africa})


Mission Mail:

  • Some missionary postcards from Catholic Missions in Southern Rhodesia (Mark Loomis {USA}),
  • John and Helen Springer, Methodist missionaries in Central Africa (Paul Peggie {Australia}).


Questions & Answers 

Sunday 25 April (Moderator David Spivack)

8.00-11.00pm (London)

9.00pm-12.00am (Cape Town/Paris/Harare)

12.00noon-3.00pm San Francisco

3.00pm-6.00pm New York

5.00-8.00am Melbourne (26 April)


8.00pm (London)

The Kariba Dam – 60 years on (Jono Waters {Zimbabwe})


Noel Bretell, ‘Poet who shied away from any sort of limelight’ (Ian Menzies {Switzerland})


Topic TBC (David Frye {USA})


To dream the impossible dream – updating the SG listing on the Double Head Issue (Sean Burke {Australia}, David Spivack {USA}, Colin Hoffman {UK})


Southern Rhodesia: The last two issues of coil stamps; the Harrison printings. (Brian Eyre {South Africa})


Encyclopaedia of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland (Geoff Brakspear {UK}}


Topic TBC (Walter Herdzik {Canada})




  • The Judges of the Virtual Competitions for 2021.
  • The best presentation at Conference


Closing Address from Chairman


RSC Conference Q&A


There are two times set aside at the Conference for a short Question & Answer session. If you wish to participate, please forward your question with a relative scan to the Conference Organiser Adrian de Bourbon. His email address can be found in the Journal or

Contact Us


RSC Virtual Competitions 2021


As in 2020, we will hold a virtual competition for our annual Livermore and Postcard Competitions. The rules for these competitions are available on the RSC website.