Rhodesia Sugar Refinery Ltd

Rhodesia Sugar Refinery Ltd

The 1930’s saw expansion of cane growing areas by the Rhodesian government. In 1935, with partnership with private interests, the Rhodesia Sugar Refinery Ltd was established at Bulawayo by Sena Sugar. In 1936 a refinery was established in Bulawayo to supply sugar requirements of Southern and Northern Rhodesia and a portion of Bechuanaland. In 1950 work began on a refinery in Salisbury.

UK sugar refiner, Tate and Lyle, started a plantation in 1953 at Chirundu (Chirindu Sugar Estate), on the south bank of the Zambezi, and in May 1960 they opened a new refinery at Ndola. The company then took over Rhodesia Sugar Refineries.

In 1961, they began construction of a new mill south of Fort Victoria as part of the Triangle Sugar Estate, and a new mill at Hippo Valley Estate.


  • Bulawayo
  • Ndola
  • Salisbury


  • James Gavin