Rhodesia Exploration and Development Co Ltd

Rhodesia Exploration and Development Co Ltd


The Rhodesia Exploration and Development Co Ltd was registered on 12 January 1895 to acquire the undertaking of the Rhodesia Exploration and Development Syndicate Ltd. In 1897 the assets of the South African Investors’ Syndicate Ltd were purchased for 6,000 fully paid shares. The company also acquired the agency business carried on by the Goldfields of Matabeleland Ltd in Rhodesia.

In 1903, the company assets of the Filabusi (Charterland) Goldfields Ltd were purchased for 1000 shares. In 1906 the company decided to extend its operations outside of Africa. In 1910, the following undertakings were acquired:

  • Rhodesian Banket Co Ltd
  • Etna Development Co Ltd
  • Rhodesian Abercorn Shamva Trust Co Ltd
  • Gold Schists of Rhodesia Ltd
  • F S A Syndicate Ltd (absorbed)
  • L & J Syndicate Ltd (absorbed)
  • London and Johannesburg Trust Ltd (absorbed)

By 1911, the company had large share interests in a number of mines, held 3,400 mining claims, about 640,000 acres of land, and stands in Bulawayo, Salisbury and Tati.

The company was dissolved in 1916.


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