Rhodes Inyanga Hotel

Rhodes Inyanga Hotel


Rhodes Inyanga Hotel was originally built as a holiday cottage in the 1800’s by Cecil John Rhodes.  Rhodes’s bought the old Fotheringhame’s homestead on Fruitfield Farm in 1896.  “Mr Rhodes built himself a retreat; and this was always his solitude where he preferred to think out his great schemes.”

In 1918 the Estate at Nyanga was delegated to the Department of Agriculture. Later still it was decided that the orchards should be leased from the Estate by the Ministry of Agriculture and run as a Horticultural Experiment Station.  Other parts of the Estate are leased to the Forestry Commission and The Wattle Company, and farming operations were carried on until 1933.

In that year it was decided to develop the area as a tourist resort. Rest camps were erected at various beauty spots and roads were built so that tourists could visit the different sites on the Estates. The original homestead on the Estate was modernized to form the present Rhodes Nyanga Hotel in 1933, about three decades after his death.


It is currently known as the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel and continues to operate.