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The Review Co. printed one of the earliest news papers in Rhodesia. The printer seems to have originated at 350 Fife St East (c.1894) and later moved to Abercorn Street, Bulawayo (c.1895) and was owned by Captain Charles L Norris-Newman (b.1852) – a war correspondent and journalist for the London Standard and other South African news services.

In Bulawayo, Norris-Newman was a Reuters’ “special commissioner” and ran the Reuters Telegraph Service. On the 28 March 1894, the company printed the Reuters Telegraph Stamps and on 31 March 1894, it printed the Matabeleland News and Mining Record, the second publication in Rhodesia, selling 6d weekly. Originally, the publication had been planned for February, but there were delays in receiving plant (cyclostyle) and material.

In 1895 the publication changed its name to The Rhodesia Weekly of Men, Mines and Money (1894-1895). Between 1895-1898 it became The Rhodesia Weekly: A Review of Men, Mines and Money. The publication was initially one of the strongest of the early Rhodesian newspapers but in 1898 its popularity had started to wane in favour of the Chronicle and the last edition was printed 18 June 1898.


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