Queens Mine

Queens Mine

Bubi District


Queen’s Mine is a village that grew up around the now closed Queen’s Mine. The gold mine was pegged on the site of ancient diggings in 1893. It derived its name from the nearby Ndebele queen’s kraal.

Post Office

  • 1911.10.02 – Opened as a postal agency under Bulawayo.
  • 1911.10.02 – Mail service by coach/mail cart to Bulawayo.
  • 1914.09.07 – Mail service by motor car.
  • 1916.04.30 – Mail service by coach resumes.
  • 1925.09.22 – Daily mail service by motor car.


TypeSizeEarliest DateLatest DateNotes
D328mm28/03/194109/05/1962Large lettering.
Apostrophe for 'Queen's'.
D428mm18/09/196810/08/1972Missing 'S' in S.Rhodesia
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