Pre-Production: 1908 – Colour Trials – Fourth Series & Supplement


March 1908 – Colour Trials 

This series, submitted to the Crown Agents on 24th February, 1908, was headed “UNIVERSAL COLOUR SCHEME” and was identical to the Third Series except that the trials had titles over each, printed in 4 pt. brown ink with details as to whether S.F. (singly fugitive) or D.F. (doubly fugitive) inks were used. Also, a £10 value was now introduced.

Each of the three pages had the following two notes at top: “X” In the case of Stamps thus marked, the Crown Agents consider the adoption of a new plate necessary to guard against a fraudulent change of dirty. “OX” signifies that although manipulations would be quite possible, the Crown Agents do not think that the amount to be thus gained would be sufficient to tempt to fraud. They do not recommend new plates for these values.

The numbering of this series was as follows:

  • 6d. Imperiums Nos.1 to 27,
  • 1d.”Nyasaland” trials Nos. 28 to 54 and £10 trials Nos. 55 to 61.


A fourth page, printed in the same style, was included in this series. This comprised 27 1d. “Nyasaland” trials in the same colours as Nos. 28 to 54 above but instead numbered Nos. 1 to 27. This colour scheme was intended for those Colonies which did not use Universal