Pre-Production: 1908 – Colour Trials – Fifth Series & Supplement


1908 – Colour Trials

This final Series with similar title, “O” and “OX” notes on the top of its three sheets, (but with details printed 6 point in black) was identical to the Fourth Series except that the solid numerals on the 6d. Imperiums were changed to white numerals for the ¼d., 1½d.,
2d., 3d. 5d., 6d., 8d., 1/-, 2/6, 4/-, 5/-. £1 and £ 10 values.

The lotting and placement of the various trials is the same as in the Fourth Series except that as in this Series the face value is printed only at the left of each “pair” or “row”, the seven £10 trials are affixed as a triplet with the matched 6d. and 1d. trials, the £10 being placed about 42 mm. away from the 1d.


In this Series the fourth sheet has a slightly different title. Each of the 27 1d. trials has the face value printed at left and these are, as before, offered as separate lots.

Twelve copies of the Fifth Series Universal Colour Scheme were sent to the Crown, Agents on April 6th 1908 for despatch to British Honduras, Cayman Is., Fiji, Gold Coast, Leeward Is., Northern Nigeria, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sierra Leone, Straits Settlements and Virgin Is., themselves retaining a file copy. Thirty-five copies of the Colour Scheme (comprising the fourth sheet) were sent to the other Colonies.