This section of the website is under construction. Regular additions and updates will take place over the next few years. There is, however, a wealth of resources that are already available:

  1. If you use the SEARCH OUR WEBSITE section on each page of the website there are around sixteen pages on various postmarks. It is, however, difficult to navigate, hence this task of renovation.
  2. There are a few particular publications that are available for members. These two Memoirs can be ordered via the website:

Mike Hughes has generously provided his The Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980 as a PDF which can be downloaded off this website.

We have also been sent a copy (not a great copy, but useful nonetheless) of the late Don Mitchell’s Skeleton Relief Cancellers of S. Rhodesia 1902-1968  It is a PDF which can be downloaded off this website.

  1. Without wishing to engage in a debate on ‘status’ of these cancels (they are certainly collected and studied), an update on the 1924 Double Head ‘Remainders’ (CTO’s) can be downloaded from the website.
  2. There is a significant body of information on postmarks to be found in our Journals stretching back nearly 75 years. You can source this information via the updated Journal Index by Topic which can be found on the website.