Postcards: Zambia National Tourism Bureau – SAPRA Studio – RZ Series (1-49)

Zambia National Tourism Bureau

SAPRA Studio – RZ Series (1-49)
No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
RZ 1Victoria Falls at Sunset.16/11/1968
RZ 2Tourist at Victoria Falls.
RZ 3Victoria Falls with Rainbow.
RZ 4
RZ 5Colourful Makishi Dancer in Full Dress13/01/1969
RZ 6
RZ 7The new Legislative Assembly Building with copper dome
RZ 8
RZ 9Makishi Dancer.06/11/1968
RZ 10Copper Slag being poured at Dusk.
RZ 11Eastern Cataract, Victoria Falls.09/11/1970
RZ 12Old Zambia Teak Forest near Ngoma in Kafue National Park.25/11/1968
RZ 13
RZ 14
RZ 15Kariba Dam with all six gates open.07/11/1969
RZ 16
RZ 17Young Lions in Luanga Valley National Park07/03/1970
RZ 18
RZ 19
RZ 20Blue (Cookson's) Wildebeest, Found only in Luanga Valley National Park18/07/1969
RZ 21Edinburgh Square, Cairo Road, Lusaka
RZ 22Hippos on the lagoon in front of a Luangwa Valley Lodge.29/05/1972
RZ 23
RZ 24Cairo Road, Lusaka08/07/1971
RZ 25Cairo Road, Lusaka31/07/1925
RZ 26Traditional Drummers
RZ 27
RZ 28Lozi artisian at the open air museum near Livingstone.28/04/1973
RZ 29Cairo Road, Lusaka
RZ 30
RZ 31Smoking a Traditional Zambian Pipe.13/08/1975
RZ 32
RZ 33Greetings from Zambia00/00/1972
RZ 34Greetings from Zambia
RZ 35Greetings from Zambia25/12/1969
RZ 36
RZ 37
RZ 38
RZ 39
RZ 40
RZ 41Victoria Falls.
RZ 42The Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.25/08/1974
RZ 43Kalambo Falls near Mbala, Zambia11/07/1974
RZ 44Greetings from Zambia12/01/1971
RZ 45
RZ 46Greetings from Zambia12/08/1972
RZ 47Nyau Dancer.
RZ 48Nyau Dancer from Eastern Province Zambia24/07/1975
RZ 49A Dancer from Northern Province, Zambia.28/05/1975