Postcards: Valentine & Sons Ltd – R Series

Valentine & Sons Ltd

R Series

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
RS.48Airport, Lusaka.
RS.52Railway Station, Lusaka.
RS.53Ridgeway Hotel, Lusaka.
RS.55Cenotaph and Secretariat, Lusaka.
RS.79Portion of Salisbury City, S.Rhodesia
RS.84Sable Antelope, Wankie Game Reserve, S.Rhodesia
RS.96Street Scene, Marandellas, S.Rhodesia
RS.99Street Scene, Gatooma, S.Rhodesia
RS.110Mainway, Livingstone, N.R.
RS.111Mainway, Livingstone, N.R.
RS.118Sunset on the Zambesi.
RS.146Tonga women dressing friend's hair with red clay.
RS.160Tonga Woman and Child.
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