Postcards: Valentine & Sons Ltd – R Series

Valentine & Sons Ltd

R Series

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
RS.77Club House, Mindola Dam, Kitwe
RS.78Mindola Dam, Kitwe.
RS.79Portion of Salisbury City, S.Rhodesia07/09/1959
RS.80An Aerial View of the Victoria Falls, N.Rhodesia
RS.84Sable Antelope, Wankie Game Reserve, S.Rhodesia
RS.86Elephant, Luangwa Valley, N.Rhodesia
RS.90Strip Road, Near Lundi, S.Rhodesia28/08/1958
RS.96Street Scene, Marandellas, S.Rhodesia
RS.98Melsetter Township, Melsetter, S.Rhodesia
RS.99Street Scene, Gatooma, S.Rhodesia
RS.101Rock Formations, Epworth Mission, S.Rhodesia.
RS. 103Street Scene, Marandellas, S.Rhodesia.
RS.110Mainway, Livingstone, N.R.
RS.111Mainway, Livingstone, N.R.
RS.112The Chalets Hotel, Livingstone, N.R.20/10/1964
RS.118Sunset on the Zambesi.
RS.120Chirundu Bridge, N.R.
RS.123Leopard Rock Hotel, Umtali, S.R.
RS.132Winnowing and Crushing Maize, N.R.
RS.146Tonga women dressing friend's hair with red clay.
RS.160Tonga Woman and Child.