Postcards: Tucks Philpott & Collins Series

Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.

Philpott & Collins Series

It is believed these may have been available in sets of 6.

No.sDescriptionEarliest Postmark Date
370Victoria Falls Hotel.
378View of Eastern Cataract.
383The Spray Below the Eastern Cataract.30/01/1932
389J. H. Lieb Filming the Eastern Cataract.
406Railway Bridge, Hotel and Gorge from Boiling Point.
411The Boiling Pot, looking towards the bridge.
416The Boiling Pot and Palm Grover from Railway Bridge.
426The Gorge from the Railway Bridge.
432Livingstone Island. Main and Rainbow Falls with spray clouds.
445View of Devil's Cataract.
448View of Devil's Cataract.
451View of Devil's Cataract.
454Livingstone Island and Main Falls with Rainbow and spray clouds.
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