Postcards: Tucks – Philpott & Collins – Publicity Bureau Series

Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.

Philpott & Collins – Publicity Bureau Series

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/A1st Street and Standard Bank, Salisbury
N/AConical Towers and Monoliths, Acropolis, Zimbabwe.
N/ADrawing Room, Zimbabwe.
N/AEntrance and Steps to No.5 Hill Ruins, Showing Patterns on Walls.
N/AEntrance to Temple, Zimbabwe.
N/AInterior of Temple, Zimbabwe.
N/AKhami Dam.
N/AKhami No.4 Ruins.
N/ALooking across the Khami Dam to No.3 Precipice Ruins.
N/AMain Street, Bulawayo, showing Post Office.
N/AMain Street, Bulawayo.
N/ANo.2 Ruins, Khami.
N/ANo.5 Hill Ruins, Khami, Showing Mural Patterns.
N/AOffices of S. Rhodesia Publicity Bureau with Rhodes' Statue.
N/AThe Altar and Conical Tower, Zimbabwe.
N/AThe Boiling Pot.
N/AThe Outer Passage and Temple, Zimbabwe.
N/AView of Outer and Inner Passage, Zimbabwe.
N/AView Rezende Mine.
N/AWar Memorial, Salisbury.