Postcards: Tucks – P.C. Real Photo Series

Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.

P.C. Real Photo Series

It is believed these were published by Raphael Tucks & Sons, Ltd.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
1Post Office, Bulawayo.
2Umgusa River, Near Bulawayo.29/11/1926
3View from Danger Point, Victoria Falls.
4Umgusa River, Near Bulawayo.
5Eastern Cataract, Victoria Falls.
6Main Falls.
7View from Danger Point, Victoria Falls.
8The Boiling Pot, Victoria Falls.
10The World's View, Matopos.
11Rhodes' Grave, Matopos.
12From the World's View, Matopos.
13Alan Wilson Memorial, Matopos.
14Rhodes' Grave and Alan Wilson Memorial, Matopos.00/00/1927
15View at Matopos.
16View at Matopos.
17Matopos Dam.
18Khami River, Khami.
19Khami Ruins.20/04/1929
20Rhodes' Monument and Bulawayo Club.
21Khami Ruins.
22Convent School and Church, Bulawayo.
23Government House Avenue, Bulawayo.
24Government House, Bulawayo.