Postcards: The Newman Art Publishing Co – Type IIG

The Newman Art Publishing Co

Type IIG

Stamp box is dotted, right showing ‘. .   . . . . .  – – –  . . ‘. The divider includes This is a Real Photograph. Description on back in grey.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/A"Reflections" The Boathouse on the Zambesi River...
N/AA wing of Victoria Falls Hotel.
N/ACream of Tartar Tree, Victoria Falls.
N/AVictoria Falls Hotel Verandah.22/02/1935
N/AVictoria Falls Train of the Rhodesia Railways...12/03/1935
N/AVictoria Falls. Bathing costumes as a protection...13/04/1935
N/AVictoria Falls. Showing Gorge and Main Falls...
N/AVictoria Falls. The Main Fall. Height 420 feet...12/09/1937
N/AVictoria Falls. The Rainbow Fall.10/05/1935
N/AVictoria Falls. The Rapids above the Main Falls...
N/AView of Zambesi River...