Postcards: Strachan & Co – Series C – Strachau & Co., Photographers (Numbered)

Strachan & Co.

Series C – Strachau & Co., Photographers (Numbered)

No.sDescription.Earliest PMK Date
10541Salisbury Laager, 189606/09/1909
10542Parade during Salisbury Laager time, 189624/12/1913
10543Officers - Salisbury Laager, 1896
10544Return of Troops from Matabeleland, January 19th, 1894.01/06/1910
10545C Troop about to leave for Matabeleland, Septr 1896
10546Salisbury, 189527/11/1909
10547Salisbury from the Kopje - 1908.27/11/1909
10548Ayrshire Station, Salisbury.
10551Victoria Memorial, Salisbury.25/11/1908
10557Salisbury and Bulawayo Coach, 190002/02/1910
10558Salisbury Laager 189622/12/1913
10559Hunyani River01/12/1911
10560Victoria Falls.
10562Mashonaland Scenery23/12/1908
10564The Residency Salisbury, 190805/08/1908
10565Some of the Pioneers of Rhodesia
10566Parade - Salisbury Laager, 189602/02/1909
10567Salisbury Laager, 1896
10568Cecil Buildings, Salisbury09/03/1912
10569Drill Hall, Salisbury10/04/1909
10571Salisbury Laager, 189602/12/1910
10572Magistrate's Court, Salisbury11/12/1908
10574Victoria Falls.20/11/1908
10575Giant Mine, Rhodesia