Postcards: Smart & Copley – V Series

Smart & Copley

V Series – Victoria Falls

Type IV – Photographed by Smart & Copley, Bulawayo
Type IV – Photograph by Smart & Copley, Bulawayo (C)

Type VII – Smart & Copley, Bulawayo. Copyright.

Type VIII – Smart & Copley, Bulawayo
Type IX – Copyright by Smart & Copley Ltd, Bulawayo
No.sDescriptionImprint TypeEarliest PMK Date
V1Victoria FallsVII
V2Victoria Falls looking across Knife Edge.VIII
V3Victoria Falls looking across chasm.VIII
V4Victoria Falls from North Bank.IV (C)
V5Victoria Falls from North Bank.VIII
V6Victoria Falls.VIII
V7Victoria Falls Bridge.VIII
V8"The Gorge below Victoria Falls."IV (C)
V9Victoria Falls from South Bank.VII
V10"The Victoria Falls from the Rain Forest"IV (C)
V11Victoria Falls from Livingstone IslandVII05/04/1935
V13"Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island."IV (C)11/05/1931
V14Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island.
V15Victoria Falls from North Bank.VII
V16Victoria Falls Looking North.IV
V17Victoria Falls looking North.VII
V17Victoria Falls, from South Bank,VII
V18"Victoria Falls from North Bank."IV (C)
V19Victoria Falls looking South.IV
V20The Boiling Pot, Victoria Falls.IV
V21Victoria Falls, the Chasm, from North Bank.VII
V22"The Rainbow Fall: Victoria Falls"IV (C)
V22The Rainbow Fall. Victoria Falls.VII
V23"The Gorge: Victoria Falls."IV (C)
V24The Main Falls, Victoria Falls.IV
V25Main Falls, Victoria FallsVII
V26"The Victoria Falls, Looking South."IV (C)
V27The Victoria Falls from the North Bank.VII
V27Victoria Falls.VII
V28Victoria Falls Bridge.IV
V29The Victoria Falls as seen from Danger Point.VII
V30In the Palm Grove, Victoria Falls.VII
V31The Devil's Cataract, Victoria FallsVII
V32Victoria (Main) Falls.VII
V33The Main Fall, Victoria Falls.VII
V34The Main Fall, Victoria Falls.VII
V35Baobab Trees, Victoria Falls.
V36The Zambesi River above the Victoria Falls.
V37The Victoria Falls as seen from North Bank.VII
V38Scenery on the Zambesi River above the Victoria Falls.VII
V39A Glimpse of Victoria Falls.VII
V40The Landing Stage on the Zambesi River above the Victoria FallsVII10/06/1914
V41On the banks of the Zambesi, above the Victoria Falls.VII
V42Landing Stage on the Zambesi above the Victoria Falls.VII
V43Victoria Falls Hotel.VII
V44A Glimpse of the Victoria Falls.
V45Looking up the Gorge, Victoria Falls.VII
V46The Devil's Cataract, Victoria Falls.VII
V47Aerial View of Victoria Falls Looking Up River.IX15/05/1938
V49Aerial View of Victoria Falls from Above Hotel.IX
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