Postcards: Smart & Copley – R Series

Smart & Copley

R Series – Ruins

No.sDescriptionPhotographerEarliest PMK Date
R1Interior of the Elliptical Temple, Zimbabwe, the Conical Tower.
R2Facade of the Elliptical Temple, Zimbabwe.
R3The Great Zimbabwe, Ancient Ruins.
R4Ancient Ruins Nanatali, Rhodesia.
R6View of Front of Dhlo-Dhlo Ruins.
R7Khami (Precipice) Ruins No.900/03/1922
R8Kahmi Ruins No.5
R9Khami Ruins No.8
R10Khami (Hill) Ruins No.2 Main Entrance.
R11Khami (Hill) Ruins No.1 Main Entrance.
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