Postcards: Smart & Copley Ltd: Plain Back Series – Title Only I

Smart & Copley Ltd

Plain Back Series – Title Only I

All known postcards are imprinted Photograph by Smart & Copley, Bulawayo and the title is within double quotation marks.

No.sDescriptionEarliest Postmark Date
N/A"The Gorge : Victoria Falls"23/02/1905
N/A"The Gorge below Victoria Falls"06/05/1905
N/A"The Rainbow Fall : Victoria Falls"11/03/1906
N/A"The Victoria Falls, from the Rain Forest"12/09/1905
N/A"The World's View: Matopos"25/07/1906
N/A"Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island"12/09/1905
N/A"Victoria Falls, from North Bank"20/03/1905