Postcards: Real Photo Cards – Type IV

Real Photo Cards

Type IV

There are a number of sub-types identified under Type IV.

  • Type IVA – The word Post Card is thinner and centred to the left, finishing at the end of the divider.
  • Type IVAA (SAPSCO) – Same at Type IVA but no full stop at the end of Post Card. Bold printing for instructions.
  • Type IVAB – Same as type IVA but with Paget Prize Self Toning above Post Card.
  • Type IVB – The word Post Card is bolder and is centred over the divider.
  • Type IVB (L.F. Moore) – Imprint of Chemist in purple.
  • Type IVBA (SAPSCO) – No dot after Post Card. Three line instructions.
  • Type IVBB (SAPSCO) – No dot after Post Card. Two line instructions.
  • Type IVC – Similar to Sub-Type IVB but a new font is used and But for inland only is in brackets.
  • Type IVD – Similar to Sub-Type IVC. But for inland only wording has been replaced.
  • Type IVE (SAPSCO) – Similar to Type IVBA but no inscription in stamp box. Address blurb on one line.
  • Type IVEA (SAPSCO) – Similar to Type IVE but full stop after Post Card and no full stop after communication in left-hand description.
  • Type IVEB (SAPSCO) – Similar to Type IVEA but with Printed in Britain in corner.
  • Type IVF
  • Type IVG
  • Type IVH