Postcards: Preece & MacKenzie – 1910 Series

Preece & MacKenzie – 1910



One series of printed picture postcards was published (circa 1910) in a multicolour format with the caption positioned at either the top or bottom of the picture. The divided backing was printed in brown ink with the publisher’s imprint on the lower left corner.

The postcards were “Printed Abroad” as per the imprint in the “stamp box” in the top right corner. They were not numbered, so it is not known how many postcards comprised the series.

No.sDescriptionEarliest Pmk Date
N/AGeneral View of Bulawayo00/09/1909
N/AMain Street, Bulawayo.
N/AThe Club, Bulawayo16/07/1911
N/ASelborne Avenue, Bulawayo04/05/1911
N/AThe Hospital, Bulawayo.
N/AThe Grand Hotel, Bulawayo
N/ACatholic Church, Bulawayo02/07/1910
N/AMonument to Pioneers, Bulawayo19/07/1910
N/ARhodes Grave and Shangani Monument, Rhodesia
N/ADrill Hall, Bulawayo3/12/1910
N/ARhodes' Statue, Bulawayo.