Postcards: Pictorial Publications Syndicate – Type I

Pictorial Publications Syndicate

Type I

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/ABulawayo Club, Southern Rhodesia
N/AFirst Street, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia13/12/1949
N/AFirst Street, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.
N/AGovernment Offices, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.
N/AGrave of Cecil Rhodes, World's View, Southern Rhodesia.
N/AMunicipal Swimming Bath, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia
N/AOdzani Falls, Umtali, Southern Rhodesia.
N/APungwe Gorge, Inyanga, Southern Rhodesia.
N/ARoad to Melsetter, Chimanimani Mountains in the backgound, Eastern District, Southern Rhodesia.
N/AShangani Memoiral, World's View, Matopos, Southern Rhodesia.06/08/1948
N/AThe Conical Tower, Zimbabwe ruins, Southern Rhodesia
N/AThe Park, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia
N/AUmtali, Southern Rhodesia.26/03/1956
N/AVictoria Falls, Southern Rhodesia.
N/AVictoria Falls, Southern Rhodesia.