Postcards: Philpott & Collins – Rhodesian Crest Blue

Philpott & Collins

Rhodesian Crest Blue

This series can be found with various shades of blue used for the backing. The listing below is for those that appear pale blue to blue. Two other Rhodesian Crest series exist with a Deep Blue shade and a Bright Blue shade.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AAncient Ruins, Khami.09/06/1909
N/ABulawayo from the Park.
N/ADrill Hall, Bulawayo.11/08/1908
N/AGovernment House, Bulawayo
N/AKafir Kraal.
N/AKafue River. N.W. Rhodesia.28/09/1907
N/AMain Street, Bulawayo.22/08/1907
N/AMatopo Hotel.26/12/1906
N/ARhodes’ Funeral Procession, Matopos.
N/ARhodes’ Statue, Bulawayo.16/11/1907
N/AThe Alan Wilson Memorial, Matopos.24/08/1907
N/AThe Grand Hotel, Bulawayo.
N/AVictoria Falls Bridge.12/10/1906
N/AMatopo Dam, Matopos.02/01/1909