Postcards: Percy M Clark – Berlin Red I – Victoria Falls

Percy M Clark

Berlin Red I – Victoria Falls

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/A"Hippo" in the Zambesi
N/AA Native Letter Carrier.01/04/1908
N/AAn Ant Heap.
N/ABarotse Water Carrier
N/ABarotseland salutation. Spitting on hands.
N/ALivingstone Drift, Zambesi River14/07/1908
N/ALivingstone's Tree11/08/1908
N/APhotographers' Huts opposite Victoria Falls Station.
N/APleasant Dreams18/05/1907
N/AReed Buck.18/04/1908
N/ARiding Bullock, Barotseland.
N/ARoan Antelope14/08/1910
N/ASable Antelope22/07/1918
N/AThe height of civilisation.
N/AThe Monarch of the veldt.19/06/1907
N/AVictoria Falls from Rain Forest.
N/AVictoria Falls Hotel
N/AVictoria Falls.
N/AVictoria Falls. The Devil's Cataract.
N/AVictoria Falls. The Leaping Water.27/07/1907
N/AWild Boar20/06/1908
N/AZambesi Bridge from Palm Kloof.15/06/1907