Postcards: Paul Schaefer & Co – No.1382 – 1399

Paul Schaefer & Co

No.1382 – 1399

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
1382Victoria Falls, looking West.18/10/1905
1383Victoria Falls, Front View.
1384Victoria Falls.
1385Victoria Falls, looking Eaast.27/10/1905
1387Zambesis Race Course (Natives preparing for the race)07/07/1906
1388Store at Livingstone, Victoria Falls.
1389Bank of Zambesi, showing grand stand (1st Zambesi Regatta)10/07/1906
1390Native Winners of the Dugout Race (1st Zambesi Regatta)
1391The Finish, East London First, Cape Town Second, Port Elizabeth Third (1st Zambesi Regatta)
1392King Lewinikia's Kaffir Curio Store, Livingston.24/12/1906
1393Baobab Tree, Victoria Falls.
1394Livingston, near Victoria Falls.17/01/1906
1395Natives Watching the Race (Zambesi Regatta)
1396Victoria Falls and Devil's Cataract.22/09/1906
1397"To Brave Men" Wilsons Memorial - Matoppo22/10/1906
1398Canon below Victoria Falls, showing Bridge.06/04/1906
1399The Right Hon. C.J. Rhodes' Grave, Matoppo20/12/1905