Postcards: P.P.I. Spicers (Pvt) Ltd – Type I (Grey Banner)

P.P.I. Spicers (Pvt) Ltd

Type I (Grey Banner)

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
117This is a striking picture of Victoria Falls...
231Victoria Falls. The Falls are 355 feet high...
258Conical Tower – Zimbabwe
259Central area from platform, Zimbabwe
261African Village.
267Kyle Dam Wall, Near Zimbabwe.,
272Cyrene Mission, Matabeleland.
277Inyanga Rhodesia.24/12/1979
278Zimbabwe Rhodesia04/05/1976
279Victoria Falls Rhodesia
African child with water pot.05/06/1976
Eastern Districts Rhodesia.02/04/1975
Kyle Dam16/08/197x
Matabeleland Rhodesia.19/01/1976
Odazni Falls.06/10/1980
Wankie National Park.