Postcards: George C. Brown – Stationer Series – Red Font

George C Brown

Stationer Series – Red Font

Printed in Saxony

Some of the photographs from this series can be attributed to E.B.S. Mercer. Brown may have acquired the negatives from the Bulawayo Pictorial Depot which ceased trading in 1906 after the death of Mercer in 1905.

No.sDescription.Earliest PMK Date
N/AA corner of the Museum, Bulawayo.11/12/1909
N/AA scene in the Early Days, Bulawayo.24/10/1908
N/AAnglo African Trading Co's. Store, Bulawayo
N/ADrill Hall and Parade, S. Rhodesian Volunteers, Bulawayo.20/12/1911
N/AEnglish Church, Bulawayo.16/09/1908
N/AFirst Smelter in Rhodesia, West Nicholson Mine.30/07/1910
N/AGovernment House, Bulawayo.19/03/1909
N/AGrand Hotel, Bulawayo.
N/AHotel near Bulawayo.16/08/1908
N/AIn Room Marked X "Jameson Raid" was planned, Bulawayo.23/04/1911
N/AIn the Early Days, Bulawayo.18/06/1910
N/AKilling a Hippopotamus Zambezi River, Rhodesia.14/02/1911
N/AMarket Square, Bulawayo.29/05/1909
N/AMasonic Temple, Bulawayo.11/03/1918
N/AMemorial Hospital, Bulawayo.
N/AMid Day Halt, "En Route" Rhodesia.
N/ARhodes Statue, Main Street, Bulawayo.
N/AScene Near Bulawayo.04/05/1911
N/AScene Near Bulawayo.16/11/1920
N/AThe Public Library, Bulawayo.28/02/1909
N/AThe Reservoir, Bulawayo.16/09/1906
N/AThe Reservoir, Bulawayo.