Postcards: E B S Mercer – Autochrom Series

E B S Mercer

Autochrom Series

Those postcards were printed in colour in Germany and comprise a numbered set of twelve. They can be identified by the Mercer monogram – EBMS and were published in 1902.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
1Deserted Kaffir Kraal, Rhodesia. 28/11/1903
2On the Umgusa River, Rhodesia. 19/12/1903
3Rhodesian Huts. 18/07/1904
4A Tight of the joys of a Bullock Driver
5Rhodesian Boys at "Skoff”. 25/07/1904
6Native Huts, Rhodesia. 11/07/1904
7On the Zambezi. Above the Victoria Falls.03/12/1903
8Above the Victoria Falls, Rhodesia. 18/07/1904
9On the Zambesi. 21/01/1905
10Rhodesian “Curios”. Skins, Horns, etc02/01/1904
11Victoria Falls, Zambesi by Moonlight.28/01/1905
12Victoria Falls, Zambesi. 00/12/1902