Postcards: Cumplin & Harrison Ltd – Bulawayo News Agency – Type IV

Cumplin & Harrison Ltd

Bulawayo News Agency – Type IV

Type IV states Bulawayo News Agency on the back of the card and includes the postal address.

No.sDescription.Earliest PMK Date
N/AA Group of Natives
N/ABig Game (Rhodesia)
N/ACatholic Church, Bulawayo21/01/1929
N/ACenotaph at Bulawayo.
N/AEastern Cataract, Victoria Falls.
N/AEighth Avenue, Bulawayo, showing Museum on left.
N/AGoing for Water, Rhodesia
N/AGovernment House, Bulawayo
N/AGroup of Matabele
N/AGroup of Zebras15/03/1927
N/AKopje (where the Late Hon. C.J. Rhodes is buried)25/03/1928
N/ALions at Bulawayo Zoo
N/AMain Street, Bulawayo02/08/1926
N/AMain Victoria Falls.20/06/1930
N/AMatabele Village, Near Bulawayo25/11/1925
N/AMunicipal Swimming Baths, Bulawayo
N/AMunicipal Swimming Baths, Bulawayo
N/ANative Huts
N/AOn Matopo Hills
N/AOx Transport Crossing Lumene River
N/ARailway Offices, Bulawayo15/03/1927
N/ARebellion Memorial, Bulawayo
N/ARhodes' Grave, Matopos
N/ARhodes' Statue, Bulawayo
N/ASelborne Avenue, Bulawayo
N/AShangani Memorial in the Matopos
N/ASt George's School, Bulawayo07/10/1926
N/AThe Baobob Tree, Victoria Falls.25/04/1929
N/AThe Bridge, Victoria Falls.
N/AThe Devil's Cataract, Victoria Falls.
N/AThe Gorge, Victoria Falls.17/11/1928
N/AThe Gorge, Victoria Falls.
N/AVictoria Falls.
N/AVictoria Falls.
N/AWounded Lechwe
N/AYoung Lions, Rhodesia27/11/1926
N/AZimbabwe Ruins, Rhodesia