Postcards: Art Publishers (Pty) Ltd – Type IVA

Art Publishers (Pty) Ltd

Type IVA

Real Photo has been removed from the stamp box and there is no Artco imprint on the front of the card. It is possible this type had a couple of releases as the cards refer to both Northern Rhodesia and Zambia, and there is duplicates of no.261.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
221Lusaka, Zambia.
223Cerval Cat04/07/1962
232Bulawayo Airport
252Bulawayo. Abercorn Street.17/05/1962
255Bulawayo, Abercorn Street.
256Cathedral. St Mary and All Saints (Anglican), Salisbury.
257Salisbury, Rhodesia.21/07/1962
258Salisbury Airport, Rhodesia.
261Salisbury, 1st Street.
261Salisbury, 1st Street.
265Meikle's Hotel, Salisbury.
267Robinson House, one of Salisbury's modern Buildings.11/11/1965
271Centre of Salisbury.19/08/1962
272Salisbury, Jameson Ave.30/01/1962
275Salisbury, Jameson Ave.
282Zimbabwe Ruins, Entrance to Acropolis.02/09/1965
286Zimbabwe Ruins, Inside the Acropolis.
292The Spillway, Lake McIllwaine, Salisbury.
293Jameson Avenue, Salisbury, Rhodesia.16/08/1963
300Centre of Salisbury.
307Lusaka, Zambia.15/05/1968
311Lusaka, Cairo Rd, Zambia.25/07/1968
315Lusaka, Zambia.05/02/1968
319Victoria Falls.
320Buffalo Hunters.
321Lusaka, Cairo Rd., G.P.O.25/07/1968
332Mindola Mine, Kitwe N.Rhodesia.
339Kitwe N.Rhodesia.
340Kitwe N.Rhodesia.
343Hotel Edinburg Kitwe N, Rhodesia.13/10/1962
347King George Ave, Ndola, N.Rhodesia.
355Kyle Dam near Fort Victoria.
357War Memorial. Fort Victoria, S.Rhodesia
359Bell Tower & Police Station. Fort Victoria.
361Fort Victoria Civic Centre & Town Hall.