Postcards: Argus Printing and Publishing Co Ltd – Series C

Argus Printing and Publishing Co Ltd

Series C

Some images for this series can also be found in Series D.

No.sDescriptionEarliest Pmk Date
N/AArcturus Mine09/04/1916
N/AArcturus Post Office
The coach leaving
N/ABetween Umtali and Christmas Pass14/03/1912
N/ACamping on the Veldt.24/04/1914
N/ACompound Arcturus Mine24/11/1911
N/AFirst St, Salisbury
(looking south)
N/AFirst Street, Salisbury, S Rhodesia24/08/1912
N/AGovernment House, Salisbury00/03/1914
N/AGranite Boulders, near Salisbury, Rhodesia15/11/1915
N/AKaffir Village in Enterprise District
N/AManica Road, Salisbury01/12/1912
N/AManica Road, Salisbury, Rhodesia, Looking East.28/05/1913
N/AManica Road, Salisbury, Rhodesia, Looking West.28/05/1913
N/APost & Telegraph Office, Salisbury
The Mazoe Royal Mail Coach
N/APublic Gardens Salisbury03/12/1915
N/ARace Course Grounds, Salisbury03/12/1915
N/ARace Course Grounds, Salisbury. Showing Grand Stand and Judge's Box.23/03/1917
N/ARation Time
N/AStamp Battery, Planet Mine17/03/1914
N/AStandard Bank, Salisbury, S Rhodesia13/03/1913
N/AThe Bandstand, Public Gardens, Salisbury13/04/1915
N/AThe Board of Executers Building, Salisbury, S Rhodesia
N/AThe Convent, Salisbury
N/AThe Drill Hall, Salisbury01/07/1911
N/AThe Kopje, Salisbury
N/AThe Makabusi River, nr Salisbury, S Rhodesia03/09/1913
N/AThe Outskirts of Umtali
N/AThe Presbyterian Church, Salisbury
N/AThe Pro-Cathedral, Salisbury, S Rhodesia00/00/1913
N/AThe Tennis Courts, Salisbury.07/12/1919
N/AThe Town House, Salisbury
N/ATravelling in S.Rhodesia12/04/1913
N/AView over Arcturus Mine.28/06/1913
N/AWaterfall, Enterprise District.19/04/1915