Postcards: A J Storey – B.C.A. Type I

A J Storey

B.C.A. Type I

The front of the card in this series states A J Storey Photo.,Blantyre, B.C.A. 

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AAfrican Football and the Crowd. Nyasaland.
N/AAngoni Making Basket, B.C.A.17/05/1910
N/AAngoni Man and Child.21/03/1908
N/AAngoni Mission School, B.C.A.23/08/1908
N/AAngurn with Lip Ring, B.C.A.
N/AB.C Africa's Staple Industry - "After The Days Work" Nyasaland04/10/1908
N/ABlantyre Church, B.C.A.06/08/1907
N/ACactus & Aloe, B.C.A.16/08/1908
N/AGovernment House, Zomba, B.C.A.25/10/1908
N/AHarvest Time. Bringing in the Cotton Crop. Nyasaland.
N/AHeavy Earthwork, Shire Highlands Railway, Nyasaland14/05/1908
N/AIndian Quarters, Blantyre, B.C.A.
N/AMission Work in B.C.A. A Group of Converts.
N/ANanje. First train on the Shire Highlands Railway, Nyasaland02/11/1908
N/ANative Cattle, B.C.A.
N/ANative Initiation Rites and Secret Dance Nyasaland, B.C.A.
N/ANyasaland Family, B.C.A.11/08/1908
N/APreparing the Feast, Blantyre, B.C.A.
N/ATake Captive, Bush Buck, Nyasaland, B.C.A.
N/AThe Latest Forces of Nature, The Zoa Falls, Nyasaland. 140 Feet High
N/ATobacco Field, B.C.A30/08/1908
N/AWomen Going for Water B.C.A
N/AZomba, B.C.A.00/00/1908