Post Office Boxes: Salisbury 1-99

Post Office Boxes

Salisbury (1-99)


1J W Downie1939
2G Cairncross1939
3Mark Friend Radio Co.1939
4Mining Commissioner1939
5M H Wessels1939
6Derry Bros1939
7Diocesan Office1939
9Ingersoll Rand Co.1939
10A A Atalidis1939
11S A General Investment & Trust Co Ltd 1939
12Welldon House1939
13Magistrate's Office1939
14Salvation Army1939
15Thomas Adams1939
16J U Macleod1939
17Charter Cash Butchery1939
18H W Barker1939
19Col D McDonald1939
20A Thornton1939
21Salisbury Board of Executors1939
22J Brinch1939
23L H Lewis1939
24K Kileff1939
25H G Bell1939
26Hampson & Lockie1939
27Wheeler Bros1939
28H S Gatland1939
29Chief Justice Russell1939
30McLean & Adams1939
31Max Mande1939
32Civil Commissioner1939
33W J Mount (Pvt) Ltd1946
34Hubert Davies & Co Ltd1939
35A G Cook1939
36Edward Bruce Shepherd 1939
37R J King1939
38J A Bernstein1939
40City Cigarette Co1939
41Ismail Suleman1939
42L B Patterson1939
43A Clarson & Co1939
44E A Furnell1939
45C Towle-Ayres & Co1939
46E G Boddington1939
47K Rogers1939
48M Fraser1939
49Mosenthals Rhodesia1939
50Presbyterian Church1939
51Duly & Co Ltd, Central Parts Depot1939
52Morar & Sons1939
53Coghlan, Welsh & Guest1939
54Campion House1939
55H C Anderson1939
56W C MacDonald & Co1939
57Salisbury Club1939
58City Pharmacy1939
59Bhimjee R Naik 1939
60Warders, Salisbury Gaol.1939
61Sam Lewis1939
62Pulbrook & Wright1939
63F A Strobel1939
64C E Wells1939
65Nicolas G Sycos1939
66Dormer Ware Shoe Store1939
67L Wilson1939
68J D Mitchell1939
69Principal Dist of Stamps1939
70S.A. Mutual Life Assurance Society1939
71General Accident, Fire and Life Assurance Co1939
72Fraser & Chalmers (S.A.) Ltd1939
73Municipality Electricity Dept.1939
74A Ismail1939
75Government Stationery Office1939
76I Cohen1939
77Finance & General Agency1939
78Union Bakery1939
79State Lottery Trustees1939
80London & Rhodesian Mining and Land Co Ltd1939
81A F Philip & Co Ltd1939
82Sisters of Nazareth1939
83Rothnie & Smith1939
84X Dardagan1939
85Honey and Blackenburg1939
86H Dale1939
87Ed Manson & Co1939
88Sir E W S Montagu1939
89Dr Byron Moore & Maree1939
90H M Syndicate1939
91M F Linton1939
92H E Dale1939
93Edwards, Mindry & Co1939
94Riversdale Estates Ltd1939
95I R Rosin F.R.C.S.1939
96W M Simpson1939
97Railway Goods Staff1939
98W M Cuthbert & Co Ltd1939
99H Singer1939